Privacy Policy

At Cedars Global SA, and its division, MyLooks® Inc., we clearly understand that privacy and security of our clients' personal and health-related information is most important. MyLooks®, in order to perform its services, will receive information from its clients or clients' physicians, and deliver information to potential participating physicians or other professionals on as needed basis.

From time to time, aggregate information based on multiple clients' data, not containing any personally identifiable information, may be provided to third parties or disclosed in marketing materials and other literature prepared by MyLooks® for dissemination and distribution to third parties and the public.

MyLooks® will use commercially reasonable security measures standard in the industry to protect against the unintended disclosure, loss, misuse, and alteration of clients' information under MyLooks® control. MyLooks® will take technical, contractual, administrative and physical steps to protect against unauthorized access to and disclosure of personally identifiable information.

MyLooks® intends to protect clients' privacy to the fullest extent possible, as described herein, while also fulfilling its responsibility to uphold all applicable laws and regulations.

If you have sent us diagnostic tests and medical information, at the end of your treatment, or if you decide not to progress through to treatment, all such information will be returned to you.


  • The information contained in this website is intended for persons interested in learning more about MyLooks® and the services the company offers. This website contains information on surgical procedures; however, all material is intended as information only. It is not intended to provide direction on medical diagnosis, prognosis or treatment or imply that such procedures are necessary for or required by any persons.
  • All questions relating to an individual's health shall be referred to the patient's own doctor. No medical advice will be offered by MyLooks®, its employees, associates or agents.
  • The information presented on this website should not replace a professional consultation with a doctor. In absolutely no way, should information on this site or via conversations with MyLooks® customer representatives and patient care managers be taken as diagnosis and MyLooks® strongly recommends you consult your own physician in your country of residence prior to engaging the services of MyLooks®.
  • Any of the information contained on this website, does not form or cannot be construed in any way as being part of a contract or professional engagement.
  • While the information on this website is regularly updated, MyLooks® shall not be responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions or outdated information that it may contain.
  • Please note that Pricing information and services offered as stated on the site may change at any time without notice. Please contact MyLooks® for the most update pricing and special offers.