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Plastic surgery isn't just about appearance – it's about confidence and self-assurance. Being able to see the results of actual plastic surgery patients is an important way to feel confident you'll be pleased with the results of your own surgery. As a tool to gauge the results you may expect, before and after plastic surgery photos are useful in determining the best approach.

Realistic expectations

With the prevalent news of retouched and altered photos in today’s media, men and women may have an unrealistic expectation about how they "should" look based on the media. Plastic surgery should aim to enhance your overall appearance; it should not alter your looks so that you look "fake" or unnatural. Rather, today's cosmetic procedures aim for a more natural approach with results that make you look younger, more refreshed and more confident.

The goal of any type of cosmetic surgery is to improve your quality of life by helping you feel more confident and more "upbeat" about interacting with the world around you. Looking at before and after plastic surgery photos can help you develop more realistic expectations and give you an idea of how specific procedures and approaches can help real people look and feel better.

Setting goals

The before and after plastic surgery photos on our site were selected because they represent the very real improvements you may expect from your own surgery. From breast lifts to tummy tucks, to procedures to help make the face look younger or more balanced, our galleries will provide you with pictures of actual plastic surgery patients – without airbrushing or retouching.

By browsing through our gallery, you can see how plastic surgery can help improve your quality of life, and you can set goals for your own course of treatment. Who knows? You might even identify a procedure that would be great for your needs, but that you haven't thought about or one you didn't know existed.

Finally, plastic surgery before and after photos also help you tell your surgeon about the results you're looking for, so they can develop the best approach to get those results.

Higher satisfaction

Looking at plastic surgery before and after photos can also help you love your new look even more than you thought possible when you see the results on real plastic surgery patients. Maybe you thought you needed a very small nose to be happy, but after seeing photos, you realize even small improvements can yield great results. That's the goal of our galleries: to help you envision your own results.

And of course, seeing photos also helps you feel more confident about plastic surgery overall. By seeing real before and after comparisons, undergoing a procedure doesn't seem so far-fetched, drastic or extreme. In short, it's much easier to picture yourself looking and feeling better, just like our real patients portrayed in the photos.

At MyLooks®, we want you to feel good about yourself. Our commitment is to make sure you have the guidance you need to make decisions about your own treatment. Once you've reviewed the pictures in our gallery, it's time for you to have your turn at looking and feeling great. The first step toward a better quality of life is to contact us today to schedule your own free consultation and get started on your journey to a new you.

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