Certified Cosmetic Surgery Professionals

At the heart of MyLooks® lies an elite team of highly accredited physicians from some of the nation's most respected medical centers — Harvard, Stanford and Duke, among them. Each of our surgeons has over 20 years of experience giving them the expertise to responsibly and compassionately address the needs of each patient individually.

There are as many reason for considering plastic surgery as there are patients. No one knows this better than the physicians and each staff member at MyLooks®. Whether your choice is driven by the realities of the workplace or simply a heartfelt desire to improve your appearance, self-esteem or confidence, MyLooks® physicians always put your safety and satisfaction first.

They understand that no two patients are alike and that the process must be customized specifically for each person based on their personal goals and objectives. Each physician understands the significance of their patient's commitment to literally transform their lives in a meaningful and positive way.