NOSE SURGERY (Rhinoplasty)

Nose Plastic Surgery

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If you're looking for a highly effective method to change the size and shape of your nose and improve your appearance, then a nose job is something you should consider. Also, those who suffer from breathing problems may benefit from this procedure.


For Rhinoplasty, there are two main groups of procedures, including a reduction of the dimensions or an augmentation of the tissue, which may include implants. In both cases, the width of the nostrils can be altered. During the Rhinoplasty, the surgeon will use the necessary technique to correct the physical or cosmetic defect. This may include breaking and then rebuilding the nasal bones, reshaping the cartilage of the nose, moving or shortening the septum that divides the two sides of the nose or reshaping or removing cartilage in the tip of the nose. When the Rhinoplasty procedure is completed, the surgeon will suture all incisions. He may use a splint across the bridge of the nose to hold the newly shaped nose in position. He may also use gauze packing from the inside of the nose to promote effective healing internally. Once the nose is packed and all sutures are in place, the Rhinoplasty procedure is complete.