Men's Plastic Surgery

Doesn’t it seem like the entire plastic surgery industry revolves around cosmetic procedures and enhancements solely for women? You’ll be glad to know that more and more men are taking advantage of the latest technologies and the most advanced techniques in cosmetic procedures to improve their looks. At MyLooks®, we have a number of cosmetic procedures available for men that can help the male population enhance their appearance exactly as they want!

Facelift for Men

For men who want a defined healthy appearance and a younger look, facelift procedures may be the answer. By removing excess facial fat and skin that develop over time as you age, a facelift can dramatically improve your overall profile, possibly taking years off your appearance! A facelift centers on removing sagging facial skin, tightening skin in the right places, and enhancing muscle tone. If you want to look younger, or want a more defined look, consider a facelift.

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Liposuction for Men

Tired of those stubborn fat deposits sticking to your body? Why not consider a liposuction procedure? Currently, liposuction is one of the most sought-after procedures for men, as a relatively easy way to get rid of fat deposits on your body. Whether you hate that double chin and want to eliminate the excess fat, or want to improve your body contour as a whole, liposuction may be the answer for you.

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Chest Surgery for Men

For some men, the chest is a major focal point, and an underdeveloped chest often results in reduced self-esteem and lower levels of confidence. Chest surgery can help in these cases employing a variety of approaches according to the needs and desires of the individual case. If you have excess fat in the upper chest, known as gynecomastia, or loosely hanging skin on your chest, a chest reduction might be the right treatment for you. On the other hand, for a more muscled, chiseled chest, chest implants might be a viable option.

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Calf Implants

Disproportionate or weak calves are an issue that many men are concerned about; but even this issue can be fixed by the cosmetic procedures available now. Calf implants are an increasingly popular procedure in the cosmetic surgery industry for men, and can help men achieve the look of defined, well-toned calves almost immediately. The process usually involves the insertion of an implant through a small incision in each of your calves, resulting in a more sculpted-looking leg, and creates a better, more muscular appearance.

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Nose Surgery for Men

The origins of nose surgery, or the “nose job” as it has become known these days, dates back thousands of years. Over the centuries, huge refinements have been made, finally resulting in a streamlined procedure that has become prevalent globally for those who want a more balanced profile by modifying the shape of the nose. The nose is situated in the very center of the face, and sculpting it can have a significant impact on the overall attraction of the face. For both men and women, nose jobs are among the most common cosmetic procedures today.

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