FACELIFT FOR MEN (Rhytidectomy)

Male Face and Neck Restoration

Face and neck restoration are common methods to help restore a youthful and healthy appearance. As age and gravity take their toll, the skin can start to sag with unwanted facial fat altering the facial profile. A Facelift can help remove this excess skin and fat, resulting in a defined face and a stronger, more masculine-looking profile.

Is this for me?

This procedure is ideal for those who want to look younger and tighten their profile and facial structure. A Facelift will remove excess facial fat and sagging skin, increase facial leanness and muscle tone, and/or relocate fat deposits under the skin for a younger appearance.


Your surgeon will make small, inconspicuous incisions around the ear and scalp to re-drape droopy facial and neck skin. A general light anesthesia is used, and incisions are made along the temples, earlobes, hairline, and sometimes chin; the muscles are lifted and re-positioned for contouring purposes and the skin is lifted and pulled back to smooth wrinkles and decrease slack areas.


The risks are low if the correct treatment and procedures are chosen. This includes preoperative assessments to ensure the patient is healthy. Also, the surgeon will ensure that the right fillers, skin regenerative procedures, and surgical techniques are used to meet the specific needs of the patient.