Facial Cosmetic Procedures

Need to take a few years off your face? Or perhaps you just want a new, more refreshed look; whichever the case, modern facial cosmetic procedures offer a wide range of solutions to address every aspect of your face. There used to be a time when surgery was the only option if you wanted to change your facial appearance. With the current advancements in the field, a variety of both surgical and non-surgical options exist that can provide help shape, modify, or rejuvenate any part of your face just as you desire. At MyLooks®, we offer our patients a range of facial cosmetic procedures suited to your specific needs to help create a whole new you!


This is the procedure of choice for those who want to attain a more dramatically youthful appearance! Facelift, or rhytidectomy, is the go-to procedure for people who are bothered by signs of aging on their face, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and excess fat on the face. Facelifts deal with these concerns by removing or relocating fat, and tightening the skin and muscles as desired. The procedure is usually done under general anesthesia.

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Nose Surgery

In the center on your face sits your nose, so attention is thus invariably focused on the shape and appearance of your nose. Changing the appearance of your nose can have quite a visual impact in how you look, with millions of people worldwide opting for cosmetic nose reshaping surgery over the years. The nose can either be completely reconstructed for cosmetic and medical reasons, or more subtle changes or corrections can be made to fix minor issues. Both surgical and non-surgical options are available with varying results with each specific case.

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Brow Lift Surgery

By subtly lifting the skin of your forehead, a brow lift can have a significant impact on granting a more youthful appearance, complementing the rest of your facial features. Whether you are tired of sagging skin on your forehead, or want to remove frown lines, a brow lift can result in a refreshed-looking forehead, leading to a more rejuvenated face.

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Eyelid Surgery

Just by looking at one’s eyes, a person can usually tell how tired or worried they are. With age, the visual effect may become more permanent. Eyelid surgery offers the ideal solution by treating excess or sagging skin and fat around your eyes, resulting in a fresher and more vibrant look!

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Ear Shaping

For a beautiful appearance, a symmetrical face holds considerable importance. Do you want to attain symmetry but have large, protruding or droopy ears? Ear shaping cosmetic procedures are the answer if this is the case for you. The procedure is quite simple, and yet can have a dramatically positive impact on how you look.

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Lip Rejuventation

For many people, plump, shapely lips are quite attractive and are indicative of freshness and youth; but often with age, along with several other factors, the lips start losing their shape and fullness, leading to a dull and older-looking overall appearance. Lip rejuvenation procedures can easily help you counter this natural aging, with a process that takes only a few minutes! With near instant recovery, you will be able to get a great smile and more luscious-looking lips again in a very short time.

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