CALF IMPLANTS (Calf Augmentation)

Leg Plastic Surgery for Men

Calf implants (calf augmentation) are a very popular procedure among men. The procedure helps create fullness in the lower leg and achieve calf muscle toning. Calf implants are best suited for lower leg sculpting, and can also correct muscle imbalances that are the result of physical or congenital defects.

Is this for me?

If you have disproportionate calves or are dissatisfied with your natural calf shape, then this procedure may be for you. When deciding on this treatment, it is important to consider and respect the proportion and balance of the entire extended leg.


As with other areas, fat transfer is possible, but it usually is more effective to insert implants in this area. The prosthesis is placed in the well-defined space between the muscles and the fascia, and this is done through a small incision made behind the knee.