Eyebrows Plastic Surgery

Freshen your face and soften your appearance with a Brow Lift. Over time, the muscles on the face start to weaken and it is common for the eyebrows to start to droop. A Brow Lift procedure is a subtle lifting of the skin of the forehead to give a more youthful appearance by correcting sagging eyebrows and loose skin.

Is this for me?

If you have low, sagging eyebrows, frown lines or furrowed lines between the eyebrows, or deep horizontal creases across the forehead, you can achieve a more refreshed look with a Brow Lift. Also, this procedure can have positive results for younger adults who have a low brow or deep frown lines due to stress or over-activity of upper facial muscles.


The operation generally takes 1-2 hours. It involves an incision behind the hairline. The surgeon will remove some of the muscles and tissue beneath the skin to create a smoother and younger looking forehead. When the incision is closed, it is done so horizontally to give additional lift to the brow. Most patients gain a feeling of increased self-confidence and get a restored, youthful and refreshed look to the area above the eyes.