MyLooks® Success Stories


What can I say other than my doctor is the BEST! He uses minimally invasive and dissolvable stitches. He is an unassuming man and an artist. His specialty is in very natural results. The office assistant is great and will help you all the way through.

Jerry F.

Tell my doctor that I LOVE the results and am VERY happy with my choice of surgeons...perhaps he will meet my sister in the coming year...she is also impressed with his work. Thanks!

Alma May

My doctor was very open to discussing my concerns, telling me about the surgery and recovery, including where the incisions will be. The fact that he does all the surgery, rather than another doctor, is reassuring. And, if I am gently improved like his previous patients, I will be thrilled with the results.

Sherry G.

I believe all is going well. I like how things are starting to 'shape up' if you will...I have no jowls, no turkey neck, no forehead or deep lines around my's really amazing!! I think the doctors did a really fantastic job. I plan to start going to the gym in a few weeks to try to catch my body up a bit!


I have had incredible benefits since my surgery, way beyond aesthetics!


I am doing great! Recovery was a breeze for my augmentation. I will definitely be back to visit, had a wonderful time and will be recommending my doctor to everyone. :)

Kelly S.

We are doing very well and we are both loving every minute of the new versions of us. Tell my doctor that he did a mighty fine job, I love it!!!!

Janet M.

This is just a short note to let you know, I'm all healed up, and am so happy with my nice fresh look. Please thank my doctors again for me; I'll see you again soon.

Cheryl S.

I just went to my dermatologist to get my moles checked and he and his assistant were ooohhing and ahhhing over my doctor's fine work!! So, pass on the compliment to him. :) They said they have seen lots of surgery scars and his look the best!! :)

Tracie G.

It has been about 3 months since my surgery and I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the results. I am very pleased with the face lift. Many people have commented on how great I look.

Phyllis Casey

Clinic: Boca Raton
Surgeon: Dr. Korpeck
"Absolutely great care. The surgery was very good and the clinic always contacted me to see how I was doing and always kept me posted on what to do next. Wonderful care. Great staff. I'm so glad I came and wondered why I waited so long."


Clinic: Boca Raton
Surgeon: Dr. Korpeck
"From my initial consult, I found Jessica to be extremely knowledgeable and sincere and comforting. She gave me all the information needed for my decision. I am so glad I did the procedure. Dr. Korpeck is amazing. He has an eye for perfect detail and the results are completely fantastic. I would recommend Dr. Korpeck to anyone seeking cosmetic surgery. The years of youthfulness have reappeared on my face and I couldn't be more pleased!"